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Select the plan that best meets your estimated New Hire target for the next consecutive12 month period. At the end of the12 month period, you will be contacted by a Form I-9 Representative and billed at the rate of $5 for any I-9 Form processed over the plan allowance you’ve selected.

Please note there will be no refunds or credits provided for unprocessed I-9 Forms during the 12 month period.

 Plan Type                                        Annual Fee                                                                
 1-5  processed I-9 Forms and E-Verifications........$25
 6-10  processed I-9 Forms and E-Verifications........$50
 11-15  processed I-9 Forms and E-Verifications........$75
 16-30  processed I-9 Forms and E-Verifications.......$150
 31-45  processed I-9 Forms and E-Verifications.......$225
 46-75  processed I-9 Forms and E-Verifications.......$375
 76-100  processed I-9 Forms and E-Verifications.......$500
 101-125  processed I-9 Forms and E-Verifications.......$625
 126-150  processed I-9 Forms and E-Verifications.......$750
 151-200  processed I-9 Forms and E-Verifications....$1,000

For organizations that require specialized services
please click here to provide us with more information.

The Annual fee will automatically be billed each year, unless cancelled
ninety (90) days in advance of the anniversary date.

A Software Maintenance and Storage Fee of $.06 per document stored
will be billed monthly. Minimum monthly Software Maintenance and Storage
fee is $1.00 per month.

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Credit Card Billing Address:  
Zip Code:  
Contact Email Address:  
Contact Phone:  
Card Number:  
Expiration Date: Month:    Year:
CVN:  (Number from back of card)  
Terms and Conditions and I authorize Form I-9 Compliance, LLC
to bill my credit card monthly for the Software Maintenance and Storage fees as described.
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